Fast Facts & Advice

How many pages?

Well, I think this should be the question of the century. Your resume should be of an appropriate length considering your past experience, but with that said, keep your experience to the past 10 years. 1 or 2 pages is very usual and standard. If your resume is more than 2 pages, chances are the hiring manager is not going to be interested; but with that said, there is no magic formula. Let me decide the best course for you.

Don't talk about your hobbies and favorite things.

I love my pets too, but I am not going to share all of Fluffy's details with my potential employer. They are simply not interested in things like your favorite sports, hobbies, or that you won Homecoming Queen back in high school. Keep all of that to yourself and just stick with your employment facts.



Writing about yourself isn't an easy thing to do.

Writing a resume covering your past employment, your skills and making yourself look great is even harder.


So how does this work?
The process is as easy as these 5 simple steps.

  1. Select which career package you need.
  2. Submit your order online via the secure online payment checkout, then receive your questionnaire via email during same business day. The quetions will be sent out automatically to your ORDERING email address.
  3. Complete the short questionnaire to provide the information needed to develop your resume and cover letter. You may also at this time include your old resume or cover letter and send as an attachment. Please ensure that all documents are in a .doc or pdf format.
  4. Receive your expertly written resume and/or other documents, in a PDF format within 4-6 busines days after you have turned in your information. Confirm the document, and request any changed.
  5. Receive your final documents with requested revisions in Microsoft Word and in a PDF.


What about NEXT DAY and SAME DAY RUSH orders?

Well the steps as stated above are still pretty much the same except for #4.

SAME DAY RUSH orders are guaranteed to be back to you that day. I do require all info and the order to be placed by 2pm PSTin order to do so.

NEXT DAY RUSH orders are just that. Place an order, and return the questionnaire the same business day by 6pm PSTand be sure to have the resume in your hot hand the very next day by noon.

Do you specialize in certain kinds of resumes or industries?

No, I am happy to work with everyone. All of the resumes I create and develop for clients bring out their accomplishments.. The formats I use are aesthetic and will attract a further more in-depth read through.


Why should I hire a Professional Resume Writer?

My resume writing expertise will help enhance your professional image by creating the attention you need to attract.  I know exactly how to maximize your talent and experience to employers. If your resume doesn't stand out, you will be left out of the interview process.


I am ready to order...


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