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Have you been searching all over the internet to find that perfect resume writer? 


Still can't find somebody?  Can't make up your mind?


Are you afraid that things might not work out as you expected it to be?


Finally, you can put those worries aside because you came to the right place.  I am your favorite Orange County California Resume Writer, Julie Anderson and I am committed to helping you create just the right resume.


When I am done, your resume will get you on the way to success with your career.  With my expertise and experience to back you up, you can be assured of a professional resume that certainly delivers the results YOU want and deserve.

OK, so I will make it simple... You want a great resume, you found my site- but I bet you are wondering what kind of Resume Packages I offer... Well...


OC Basic

A Resume by any other name just wouldn't sound as sweet... Get a  rip-roaring resume that is professional and streamlined to make you look your best!

OC Pro

Really going for the job hunt eh? Show em' what you are made of by doubling up your interest with a Professional Resume and Cover Letter that'll do the trick!


Yes, this is the OC HOT Pack- Triple Threat them with a Resume, Cover Letter and Follow Up Letter. Make sure they know about your interest.

Who uses our products?

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Hatís off to Julie!  I have a resume that speaks of all my career history and profile in a presentable and professional way.  Iím now confident AND more marketable.  Thank you.  - Mark S., Sales Executive

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